Minoo Javan (dinle)

  1. Minoo Javan - Ya Rab
  2. Minoo Javan - Shab-e-Vasl Ze Daste Mahboob
  3. Minoo Javan - Baz Amadam
  4. Minoo Javan - Aghrab-e-Zolfe Kajat
  5. Minoo Javan - Ay Mah-e-Man Ay Bote Chin
  6. Minoo Javan - Ba Man Sanama
  7. Minoo Javan - Raftam Dar-e-Maykhaneh
  8. Minoo Javan - Zalem Zalem  
  9. Minoo Javan - Shiri Begoo Seh Ta
  10. Minoo Javan - Nessa Nessa 
  11. Minoo Javan - Khorous Khan 
  12. Minoo Javan - Hey Yar Hey Yar
  13. Minoo Javan - Aseman 
  14. Minoo Javan - Pache Laili 
  15. Minoo Javan - Dokhtare Boyer Ahmadi
  16. Minoo Javan - Djooni Djooni
  17. Minoo Javan - Dai Balal
  18. Minoo Javan - Bijar Kare
  19. Minoo Javan - Bedioor
  20. Minoo Javan - Ary Vay
  21. Minoo Javan - Agar Baran
  22. Minoo Javan - Ay Sar Kotal
  23. Minoo Javan - Simay Djan

About Minoo Javan 

Minoo Javan’s voice has found a special place in the hearts of Persians from the far corners of her native land to the great concert halls of Europe and America because of her rare ability to portray her love for Persian culture and her devotion to its people, poets and artists. Her voice and recordings are heard regularly on the BBC and other broadcasters around the globe.

Her early musical career began when she rose to prominence by appearing as the featured performer in more than 300 concerts and becoming a regular feature on radio, where she performed Persian Folk songs, among other repertoire. After coming to America, she studied Music at the University Of Southern California’s School of Music, where she was awarded one of its prestigious opera scholarships. Her most recent release is Timeless Persian Treasure. Other recent releases of her recordings include Les McCann Presents The Vocal Stylings Of Minoo Javan All That Jazz but . . . in Persian (YARE DIRIN), Echoes Of Love and Persian Folk Songs.

Source: minoojavan

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